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Patient Testimonials

"About one year ago, I switched to the Lyric hearing aids because of the many benefits they promised for my lifestyle, such as hunting and fishing in inclement weather, playing golf and riding motorcycles.

Because of jaw pressure in my left ear, I could not wear the Lyric device comfortably in that ear. I decided, however, to use a Lyric device in my right ear only and went back to a traditional external hearing aid for my left ear. I have been very satisfied with the combination. Not only is wearing only one Lyric device less costly, but I gain most of the benefits of a "permanent" device, even though I only use the Lyric for my right ear. The only disbenefit I've noticed is that it is harder (but not impossible) to relieve any itching in my right ear while wearing the hearing aid, but this has been a minor issue.

Some Lyric benefits:

1) I can still hear conversation at night after I remove my (left ear) external device for cleaning and drying. I also hear normally in the morning before I put on my external aid. If I really don't want to hear sounds at night, (e.g. noisy motel room) I can turn off the Lyric device, whereupon it serves more like an earplug.

2) I usually leave my Lyric aid on all the time, and still am getting over 10 weeks battery life before the Lyric device needs to be replaced.

3) It's really nice not having to deal with the cost and aggravation of constantly replacing batteries like in traditional devices. It's also nice not having to dry out my Lyric device at night or having to keep it clean like I had to with traditional devices.

4) I have to remove external devices to wear a motorcycle helmet, but not the Lyric.

5) When I work out and perspire, my external devices often shut down because of the moisture. Same for being caught in wet weather. I never have these problems with the Lyric device.

6) When I have to remove my left external device for whatever reason during the day, I still have adequate hearing just wearing the single Lyric device in my right ear.

7) I don't have to remove the Lyric ever, even while taking showers.

8) I set the hearing level (with a magnet) on my Lyric device to where I like it and then forget it. I rarely change the level.

9) I had tried in-the-ear-canal hearing devices, but couldn't tolerate them because of the occlusion effect, like I was talking in a tunnel. My voice didn't sound normal and I couldn't sing in the choir using them. The Lyric device is an open enough design that occlusion effects are minimal (at least to me).

10) Because the Lyric device is on a subscription, instead of having to buy it outright, I always get any latest improvements made to the Lyric design whenever I replace it when its battery wears out.

11) Since the Lyric aid is unlikely to get lost or damaged in use, I was able to cancel my right ear hearing aid insurance policy.

I don't feel the Lyric device has improved my hearing significantly more than the external hearing devices I had been using, but because of the benefits listed above, I think it has significantly improved my overall hearing aid experience."

-S. Cook

“It is so nice not to have to ask people to repeat themselves now that I have a hearing aid. It is comforting for people who have known me for a long time, now to know that I can hear them! Before my hearing aid I couldn’t hear enough to sift through what people were saying to me. I don’t have that problem anymore.

- Joe Hoberman

“My hearing aid has helped me tremendously. When I go to Church now I can understand my pastor and enjoy the music. This has been a big change in my life. Also, my TV volume is not so loud that my neighbors can hear from across the street!”

- Becky Svitak

Dear Dr. Boesiger,

I am writing to thank you for finding the right hearing aid to help me deal with my hearing loss. I appreciate your extra effort in fitting this device with a custom ear piece and programming that allow me to hear better than I have for years.

- Doug Erion